Immersive infrastructure inspection

Use digital twins and virtual tours to improve Facility Management

How to centralize, easily visualize, manage and valorize all the gathered information related to the facilities

How to improve operation's process quality and efficiency

Is there a better way to communicate and involve stakeholders and customers

How to bring innovation in facility management without blasting the maintenance budget allowance

Our goal

Offer an easy-to-use solution to virtualize and operate your infrastructures at an affordable price without the hurdles of an heavy and expensive modeling methodology.

Virtualize your business

Our 360° and VR compliant solution is especially designed for industrials. It lets you capture, exploit and share your building information among your stakeholders to assist with maintenance and help increase your productivity.

How does it work?

This virtual tour platform allows you to use not only 360° photos and 3D models of your environment, but also every data related to your buildings like CMMS data or IoT sensor live values. The created digital twin is improved with collaborative tools in order to lead to efficiency gain.


Virtual tour service

Want us to build the visit for you and just rely on our expertise ?

We take care of the whole process and produce your immersive experience ourselves, fully customized with the features that you want, and deliver you the final product directly.

We provide you with the tools you need to develop your brand image and differentiate yourself from your competitors.




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vrtice Makr app

Our virtual tour creator lets you create, design, and customize your tours from panoramas, 360° videos, 2D images and various type of documents.

vrtice Makr comes with the advantages of an online application, but it keeps your asset on your device and allows to export a fully functional website with needed html, css and js files.

Create fast, easy, and pleasant professional tours.

Any media


VR Mode

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vrtice Xplore platform

Simplify your facility management and share your building information with our integrated Xplore viewer. Our web service viewer allows you to visualize, share and exploit your virtual tours, freely accessible from any internet-connected device.

Our web player is perfect for anyone wishing to perform virtual walkthroughs inside the infrastructure, enhanced with additional business or technical data. Allow your team to collaborate with innovative immersive technologies.




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